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Great Pretenders

Super Bat Swim Set

Super Bat Swim Set

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Unleash the spirit of the night with our Super Bat two-piece bathing suit, designed for little ones who love thrilling adventures! This dynamic ensemble features a long-sleeve top in a bold black and yellow color scheme, adorned with a distinctive bat emblem at the center of the chest.

Adding an extra touch of excitement, the top incorporates wings under the armpits, creating a sense of flying ability as your child takes on water-filled escapades. The matching black shorts complete the look, providing a sleek and comfortable fit for every aquatic mission.

Crafted from high-quality, stretchable fabric, this bathing suit ensures optimum comfort and flexibility, allowing your child to move with ease and confidence during all their water-based activities.

Watch as your child transforms into their own mysterious hero with this thrilling bathing suit. It's more than swimwear; it's an invitation to embark on imaginative journeys filled with bravery and endless fun. Let the aquatic adventures unfold as your little hero makes a splash in style!

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